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Roxcessories Shot Glass Roxcessories FallenRox.

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A not so quiet riot…

We love video games.  This is probably one of the reasons we develop games for a living, but it goes deeper than that.  I could get in to the dynamics of being a couple who truly loves to play these games together but the reason I’m writing this is to air my grievences regarding microsoft’s glaring misrepresentation of their “off-line” co-op games.

I’m a chick gamer, and I think a lot of chick gamers enjoy competiton AND the partnership aspect of beating the hell out of demons, rogue warriors, or even shredding a car in a race against time.  HOWEVER…… you won’t find many games out there that allow for this unless you have two systems or are in two locations.  Yes, that thoroughly blows, but its not even the heart of my rant.  =)

There are carefully worded PR articles that come out about various games that elude to the glorious fact that “off-line” co-op will be part of a game’s release…. only to find out in the end it’s been cut.  Or there’s the very common false advertising on the back of the 360 game boxes that state there is offline co-op OR online multiplayer.  Hmmmm sounds great aye?

Not so fast.

Unwrap the new delights and what do you find?   Either a very small part of the overall game is cooperative, or there really isn’t offline co-op at all.  But IT SAYSSSS there is.   Nope.  Not.   Not fair and not cool.  Funny thing is, its all over forums.  Players want offline co-op.  Valve did it (L4D 1 and 2). And then there is Borderlands, by gearbox…   a REMARKABLE offline co-op. New one due out this year, thankfully!

The point is, players want it and will pay for it.   Why be deceiving in your marketing or make crappy bits of co-op play?   Go big-  be honest or go home, that’s what I say.     

And this is my first android WP experience.  If the format and typos are horrendous…. welll…   pppffft.   =..=    xo ~ Rox

January Lost: “Lost Philosophy”

Jan had been in the middle of conversation when he noticed they had just come off the freeway. He was explaining to everyone in the car how he felt that in the post-modern age the paradigm of reason had become the expanse of doubt. But the freeway had interrupted his dialogue in same the way a hard rap to the head would interrupt any person’s natural emotional course. It was awkward to be so in tune to him, and suddenly have all the aching curiosities in the air broken by only his silence.

It only was a brief second, but it was enough for the lifting of eyebrows, the glance of eyes in the rearview mirror, and Continue reading

A Lifelong Game of Tag

Art has always been this phantom friend of mine and I’ve been It for a very long time now. It tagged me when I was 4 or 5 years old… and I still remember the day as vividly as one can from looking back that far.

It tapped me on the chest just over my heart after this drawing I had done. I don’t know if I’d done any up to then, but this particular drawing had Continue reading

The Truth about ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

Quick, AHiL's writing a rant. Run for it!

Just the other night Rox and I endeavored to watch The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

At first I had thought to write a really great review for this movie, but after a little more thought something more interesting occurred to me…

The Adjustment Bureau isn’t at all what it claims to be. It is in fact an adorable Lhasa Apso in Doberman’s clothing. I know. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it will if you stick with me.

First, know that this movie is Continue reading

Cats, lyrics and sleeping….

Oh, hi.  So I was told we had this new space to spew in and I woke up feeling wordy. I’m never wordy, I’m really quiet. *evil grin*  So, I’m not really feeling like talking about that or me or giving my bio- so forgive the getting right to what’s in my head right now, as I hear there are no rules to this blogging stuff. Continue reading

We were thinking…

Noooo!Well talking, really.

Yes, we were talking about how fun it would be to share some of the serious stuff, some of the zaniness, and some of the importance of thought that occur to us regularly.

On a blog of all places.

In part because we’re royally egotistical and realized it wouldn’t be very cost-effective to rent planes to puff out our topics in smoke over your house, but also because Continue reading